Give Awards

Users can give an award to their teammates by navigating to Motivate > Give Awards. Click on GIVE AN AWARD to initiate the awarding process.

Select Recipient

Selecting the number of recipients decides whether the award would be an individual or team award.

Select Award

The system will show all the eligible awards for the selected recipient in the list. Selecting one of them will lead to further steps. You can also see a list of awards the recipient(s) have already received.

Note: The awards mapped to both nominator and nominee will be displayed in the list of awards

Add a Few Words of Praise

Nominators can justify their nomination with a few words of praise. The system will post this reason on Townhall.

Attach an organizational value using '#' followed by an organizational value.

Attach File

A file can also be attached to be reviewed by the approvers in case of approval-based awards. The acceptable formats of file are .docx, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .jpeg, .png.

A video file cannot be attached

Select Budget/Approver

Depending on the type of award, the nominator will either select the budget or the approver.

Select Budget

If the type of award is Spot Award, the final step of the process would be to select the budget. The nominator can choose a budget from the list of Budgets from the dropdown.

Select Approver

If the type of award is Approval based, then the final step would be to select the next approver.