What Are Awards in Empuls?

An award is a form of recognition that carries an award badge with the option of monetary value and a certificate attached to it. You can give an award to anyone in the organization - team members, managers, and peers - as a way to recognize their work or attitude (conditioned to the restrictions defined by the super admin).

Types of Awards

There are types of awards in Empuls: Spot and Approval based awards. Now to give this award to an individual or a team can decide while setting up the award.

Spot Recognition

Use Spot awards for immediate recognition. Nominators are eligible to give these awards directly, without needing approvals.

Approval Based Awards

Use approval-based awards when nominations need to go through an approval process.

Point Distribution Type

Point type can be changed from fixed to a range of points.
Fixed - The reward points will remain the same for all the recipients.
Range - The nominator must reward points in between the range specified by the admin. It is applicable for only Spot Recognition.

Why do we use Recognitions?

Recognition is more than merely throwing a party, giving an employee a gift, or saying thank you. It is an acknowledgment that intentionally links employee behavior to corporate goals! A good recognition program includes rewards, awards and appreciations. These terms are defined below:
Reward: An item given to an individual or team for meeting a pre-determined goal and is sometimes cash-based
Appreciation: An item given to an individual or team to commemorate a specified achievement that is typically non-cash
Award: A contingent reward based on achievement of pre-determined performance results within a specific time period
Recognition programs help organizations in three ways:
  • Recognition programs help companies make more money.
  • Recognition programs keep employees engaged in their work
  • Recognition programs improve employee performance

Set-up Award

Super Admins can set up an award. Read about setting up an award in Manage Awards.
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