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Know more about the engagement leaderboard on Empuls


Your level of engagement in Empuls will win you a rank on the leaderboard. The elements of the Leaderboard are as follows.

Engagement Score

An engagement score is a rating system to identify the champions and top contributors to the program. The users earn an Engagement score through their performance at work, participation and contribution to the program.
The leaderboard shows two sections, the first one being the top scorers in a month and then overall.

Filtering the List

Use various filters to view a more specific result by clicking on
The Engagement Score of various activities can be configured by the Super admin from Settings > OTHER SETTINGS > Manage Leaderboard.

How can I Improve my Leaderboard Rank?

  • Inspire action (Start conversations in a group, reward/greet your colleagues, receive reward/recognition, etc.).
  • Help in achieving program objectives (like Giving awards citations, approving nominations timely, etc.).
  • Use the platform regularly (Daily login, creation of an active group, etc.).
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