Introduction to Budgets

Know more about Empuls budgets for managing the spend on your Empuls account

What are Budgets on Empuls?

Budgets are a way to manage and control spends on your rewards and recognition programs. Points can be added to Empuls ONLY by super admins. Any such points added are added to the personal budgets of the super admins. Super admins can further distribute these budgets with others to be used for rewards and gifts.
Budgets on Empuls is an accumulation of points in a bucket. Users can use the points in a budget to give an award.
Budgets can only be used while awarding. Budget points cannot be directly used on the redemption store. Points that have been awarded can be used on the rewards store and can no longer be used as a budget.
Apart from awarding, super admins may use budgets to give away gifts (e.g. birthday / work anniversary gifts) as well.

Personal Budgets

Every user on Empuls is assigned a personal budget. This budget is auto-created by default and cannot be removed.
Personal budgets have little to no restrictions on usage. It can be used for giving any monetary awards you are eligible to give. Alternatively, you may use this budget for transferring points to someone else. However, like all other budgets, personal budgets CANNOT be used directly on the redemption store.
Personal Budgets

Special Purpose Budget

As the name suggests, a special-purpose budget can be created for a specific purpose. When creating a special purpose budget, the creator has to pick the award(s) that this budget can be used for. This helps admins manage and control spends on specific rewards initiatives as per availability of funds. Review the next article to learn about how to manage special purpose budgets.
Special Purpose Budgets