Introduction to Budgets
Know more about Empuls budgets for managing the spend on your Empuls account

What are Budgets in Empuls?

The monetary awards can be successfully given only if the user has sufficient points in their budget.
Budget in Empuls is an accumulation of points in a bucket. Users can use the points in a budget to give an award.
Super Admin can use these budgets to give a Gift as well.

General Purpose Budget

General Purpose Budget is a default budget, which is auto-created. You can use this budget for rewarding or transfer points to other budgets. Every user on the system has access to their own General Purpose Budget, which has no restrictions on usage.
This budget is linked to all awards by default. There is no validity for the general-purpose budget and you cannot set a validity either. Custom budgets can have validity.

Special Purpose Budget

A special-purpose budget can be created from the General Purpose Budget or shared by a different budget owner.
You can read about it more from: Manage Budgets.