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My Budgets

Creating and managing award budgets on Empuls, as a Super Admin

Create New Budget

There are 2 types of Budgets that can be created on Empuls
  1. 1.
    Automated Budget - Automate point distribution to others by defining who should get budgets, the number of points, and distribution cadence. Recommended for rule-based & recurring budget allocation
  2. 2.
    Manually Distributed Budget- Manually allocate points to users and retract them as needed. Recommended when a varying number of points are distributed to each user.
Let's find out how to create the 2 types of budget on Empuls.

Automated Budget

  1. 1.
    Navigate to My Budget> Click on Create Budget >Choose Automated Budget>Proceed>Let's Begin.
2. Budget details - Fill in the Budget name, Budget description and link the awards that can be used for appreciation with this budget. One or more awards can be linked with the budget. Click Continue to proceed.
Auto Budget
3. Budget Recipients -You have the capability to share the budget with everyone on the team or with a smaller subset based on filters like department, location, designation etc. Click Continue to proceed.
4. Budget Cadence - Set the cadence for budget sharing. Click Continue to proceed.
Budget Cadance
5. Points Distribution -Define the number of points to be shared with each recipient in each run.
Recover unused points - if checked the unused points in the previous run lapse and will not be available for award.
Points Distribution
6. Lastly Review the Budget, Confirm and Create.
7. This newly created Automated Budget is viewable under Settings >REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS > Automations >Automated Budgets tab.
Auto budget

Manually Distributed Budget

  1. 1.
    Navigate to My budgets > Click on Create Budget >Choose Manually distributed Budget>Proceed>Let's Begin.
Manual Budget
2. Budget details -Fill in the Budget name, Budget description and link the awards that can be used for appreciation with this budget. One or more awards can be linked with the budget.
3 . Set Validity for the budget - If the option is checked the allocated points lapse after the validity timeframe.
Manual Budget
4. Budget Points - This can be a non-monetary award or you can choose to add points at a later point.
5. Distribute Points - If points are added to the budget, they can be distributed to one or more users. This can also be done at a later point.
Points Distribute

Edit Budget

1. To edit the budgets, click on the budget and click on. Edit the details you want to edit, then click on Save.
Edit Budget
2. To Edit an automated budget, Navigate to Settings > REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS> Automations> Automated Budget>Click on the Budget> Edit (bottom right ).

Share Budget

Sharing a budget means sharing your points with other users for using them only to reward others and cannot be used for personal redemption.
When a budget owner shares a Custom budget with other users, then the same budget is created with the same budget settings in their account.
Share budget step-by-step procedure :
  1. 1.
    Click on the budget you want to share with users.
  2. 2.
    Click on the Distribute Points button.
Distribute points
3. Proceed to share the budget by selecting the user and points.
4. You have the ability to share the points with multiple users, choose Add users in bulk for this instance. Upload a .csv file or just copy the data from your Excel sheet.
share points

Request Fund/Top-up budget

A top-up for the Personal budget can be done only by requests from other users to Super Admin.
1. Navigate to the Personal budget>Click on
to Request Points.
Request Points
2.Enter the name from whom you wish to request the points and the reason for the points .
Request points

Approve Budget Request

A notification will be received when a budget request has been raised. All such requests can be accessed from the Manage Budget option.
You can either Approve or Decline the request accordingly.

Delete Budget

Deleting the budget will revert your and other co-owners' unutilized budgets to your Personal budget.
When you delete an Automated Budget it will remove its access from the current budget recipients. Any unused points remaining in the budget will be moved to Em’s general-purpose budget.

Pause Automation Budget

Pausing the budget automation will stop any further distribution of the budget. Any unused budget with the users will continue to remain with the users and will be recovered at the end of the 1st run cycle.
Navigate to Settings > REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS> Automations>Automated Budgets>choose the budget
Pause Automation