Manage Organization Budgets

Helps manage expenses for rewards
This section allows reward admins (i.e. Super Admins) to manage the expense of the rewards and recognition programs. Here the admin can manage 3 aspects of the reward program as listed below
Manage Organizational R&R Budget
  • Define the conversion value of 1 point to a specific currency. This is a one-time setting and cannot be changed once defined.
  • Create or Destroy points based on the rewarding needs for the month/quarter/year.
Manage Redemption Wallet(s)
  • Add funds added to the organizational redemption wallet to allow employees to purchase gifts from the Empuls store using their points
  • Create multiple wallets to support the redemption of points across multiple countries without any currency conversion charges
  • Track usage of funds in these wallets
Define the Cost of Living Factor
  • Set the value of points in the local currency of the employees by factoring in the cost of living factor for the country. Click on the link below for more information.