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Add In-House Catalog Item

Add your custom merchandize and benefits to the points redemption catalog on Empuls

What is the In-House Catalog?

Your Empuls account comes with a points redemption catalog of e-gift cards and vouchers. With the In-house catalog option, you can create your own catalog items, that are relevant to your team's specific needs.
Here are a few examples of In-House Catalog items:
  • Organizational merchandize
  • Lunch with CXO
  • Extra Day Off
  • Reserved Parking Spot for the Month or Quarter
  • Health & Wellness Membership
  • Donate to a cause with company match

How to Add In-House Catalog items for points redemption?

  1. 1.
    Navigate to Settings --> REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS --> In-House Catalog.
2. Click on Add Item to add your custom item to the catalog.
3. Add a product image, and enter the item name and description.Click Continue .
In house Catalog
4. Assign a value to the catalog item. This will define the number of points needed to redeem this item. The equivalent amount in real currency is helpfully shown below. so that you can decide on a good price point for the item.
In house Catalog
5. Enter the required information about how the In-House order will be fulfilled, and terms and conditions around the redemption process.
6. Click on CONFIRM & SAVE to add the new item to the redemptions catalog.
In house catalog
You can find the newly added catalog item on the Redeem Points page.

How to Redeem the In-House Catalog Item?

The redemption process for In-House catalog items is the same as that of any other catalog item. Find out how to Redeem Points as the end-user.

How will my redemption order be fulfilled?

The admins of your organization's Empuls account are responsible for reviewing and processing orders for the In-House catalog items. Once the product/experience is delivered to you, the admin would mark the order as Delivered to complete the transaction.