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Add Money to Empuls Wallet

Fund your org wallet, so that your employees can redeem their reward points
Adding money to your org's Empuls wallet allows your team to redeem the reward points they have earned on the platform. The wallet is debited whenever an employee redeems their points in exchange for a gift card/voucher on the platform.

Define the Value of a Point

As the first step, set the value of 1 point. It is recommended to use your local currency for setting the base value of points in your account.
1. Navigate to Settings --> REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS --> Manage Org. Budgets.
Manage Org Budgets
2. Click on Update to change the base currency and value of 1 point in your org's Empuls account.
The points to currency conversion rate can be updated until the first redemption on your account. Post the first redemption, the conversion rate is frozen and can no longer be updated. This is necessary to ensure reporting consistency and sanity.

Adding Money to the Wallet

1. Navigate to the Redemption Wallet card in the Manage Org. Budgets page. Click on Add Money to Wallet at the bottom right corner of the card.
Add Money to Wallet
2. Enter the amount to be added, and click on Next.
Enter Amount to be added to Wallet
3. Enter the billing details in order to receive the correct invoice. Click Next.
Add Billing Address
4. Enter the email address to receive the invoice and your Tax ID. Click Next.
Add Email and Tax ID
5. Review the order summary and proceed to pay. You will be redirected to the Stripe payment gateway in order to complete the payment.
You are all done now! Communicate the launch of Empuls to your teammates and create the buzz around your R&R program. Check out the Launch Communication Kit for relevant resources and templates.

Payment Through Bank Transfer

You may also make the payment towards Empuls wallet recharge through a direct bank transfer, in order to avoid payment gateway charges. This facility is available for customers based in specific countries only. Please write to [email protected] to know more about this payment option.