Connect Through Groups
Create and manage communication groups for teams
Empuls groups are workspaces where your team members can communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Create work-related groups or interest-based groups, as per your organization's needs.

Townhall Group

Townhall is the default group created in Empuls. All the enabled users are automatically a part of it. Super Admins are the default admins of this group. The automated posts like Birthday, Work Anniversary, and New joiners post will be posted in this group, for public recognition.

What can you do in a group?

  • Start new conversations, attach documents, and comment on other's posts.
  • Make announcements and send notifications to all group members.
  • Share greetings and appreciation with your teammates.
  • Give peer-to-peer awards.
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How to create a group?

  • Navigate to Connect > +New Group. It takes you to the View All Groups page.
  • Click on the CREATE GROUP button, and add the relevant details in the New Group Details form.
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Anyone in the organization can join the open groups. Closed groups require approval from the respective group admins.

Add Members to a Group

To add members to a group, enter the Group Information page by clicking on the group name. Now follow the below steps to add members to it:
  • Click on ADD MEMBERS at the top right corner of the Group Information page.
  • Enter the email address of your teammates and click ADD.
  • Notify new group members through an email as you add them.
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Great! Now that you know how to create groups for collaboration, let's find out how to measure employee engagement through the engagement surveys.