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Add Teammates

Invite your teammates to join you on Empuls
Empuls' capabilities and features are best experienced as a group. After all it is the small teams that make an organization and define its overall culture. Invite your teammates to try out Empuls with you. It is also a great way to get candid feedback about the platform!

Adding Users to Empuls

Follow the steps in this Add Users section to add users Manually to the platform.
Add A New User
2. Enter the user's First Name and Email ID and assign them the required access role. Click on SAVE.
Add new user and Save
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    All other data fields in Add New User form are optional and can be updated later.
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    There are four access roles in Empuls. To know more about them, go to Access Controls.
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    Learn how to Add Users in Bulk or automate the process by Integrating Empuls with HRMS that your org uses.