Set Up Budgets for Awards
Define the awards budget on Empuls and configure the budget allocation rules

What are Budgets in Empuls?

Budgets in Empuls are accumulations of points, flowing from the super admins to the end-users. These budget points are necessary to be able to give monetary awards.
The monetary awards can be successfully given only if the award giver has sufficient points in their budget.

Automate Budget Distribution

1. The Empuls admin has to set up the budget distribution rules and workflows in order to enable others in the org, to share monetary awards.
Navigate to Platform Administration --> Automations. Now switch over to the AUTOMATED BUDGETS tab.
Automated Budgets
2. Edit the default Peer to Peer Award Budget or create a new one from scratch, by clicking on CREATE NEW AUTOMATED BUDGET.
3. Enter the Budget Name, Description, and link the awards that you want to enable using this budget.
Enter the Budget Details
4. Define the budget recipient rules and the cadence of budget distribution to them.
Recipients and Cadence of Automation
5. Finally, set the number of points to be distributed in each run. This is how you cap the spend on an award.
Frequency of Distribution
You may decide what happens with the unused points in the end users' budget by configuring the Recover Unused Points option in the last step.
Well, you are making serious progress! Let us now set up automated gifts and greetings for your teammates.