Set Up Festival Gifts

Gift your employees with a personalized message on special occasions and festivals
Gifts are meant to celebrate festivities and employees' personal occasions at any point in time. They are a great way to make the employees feel special and show them that their organization cares for them. Here is how to set up a gift/greeting:

Set Up New Gift

1. Navigate to Settings --> REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS --> Awards, Values & Gifts. then switch over to the Gifts tab.
Gifts & Greetings
2. Click on Setup New Gift button, at the top right corner of the page, to create a gift from scratch. You may also edit any of the existing gifts.
3. In the Set Up New Gift page, add the gift details, such as the greeting image, event name , and Message text .
Add Gift Details
4. Enter the custom greeting message to be included with the greeting. You may also add monetary points, as a gift, along with the greeting. Click Next once done.
5. Preview the greeting message. You may also send a test mail to yourself, to check how the greeting would be delivered to the employees.
Preview the Gift Email
6. Click on Finish to complete the gift set up. You may go back to the main Gifts page to send this gift to the employees.

Send Gifts to Employees

1. Navigate to Settings-->Rewards Recognition & Settings --> Awards, Values & Gifts. then switch over to the Gifts tab. Click on the SEND GIFT button, as shown below.
Send Gift - 1
2. Select the appropriate recipients of the gift. Click on Next to review the Gift and the information before sending it out.
Send Gift - 2
Festival gifts are typically sent to all the employees in the organization. Select 'All Employees' for this purpose.
Select 'Specific Users' to send the gift to specific people only. This is typically used for the employees' personal gifts such as Wedding gifts, Parenthood greetings, etc.
3. Click on Send Gift to send the gift instantly to the desired set of people.