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Set Up Awards & Core Values

Define your R&R framework by configuring awards and core values on Empuls
With Empuls, create awards and value cards relevant to your R&R program needs and roll them out instantly to the entire organization.

Review Default Awards & Core Values

1. Navigate to Settings --> Awards, Values & Gifts. This page has the list of all awards, core values and gifts currently configured on your account.
Default Awards
2. Review and edit any of the above awards, as per your needs and R&R policies.
3. If you wish to, create a new award from scratch, by clicking the Create Award button at the top right corner of the window.
4. Now, switch over to the Core Values tab.
Default Core Values
5. Review the list of default core values, and delete the ones that do not align with your org's culture.
6. Create a new core value for your org, by clicking on Add Core Value button at the top right corner.
7. Similarly, switch over to the Gifts tab, and review the different gifts currently available on the product. Add, update or delete these gifts as required.
Core values define your org culture. Make sure they are easily discoverable, by adding the relevant hashtags to them.
Now that awards and core values are created, let us set up the automated budget distribution workflows so that employees can start using these awards.