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Set Up Automated Greetings

Automate birthdays, work anniversaries and welcome greetings for your employees
Set up automated workflows to gift and greet your teammates on their first day at work, birthdays, and work anniversaries.
These greetings will be automated once the required employee data (DOB, DOJ) is added to Empuls.

Create and Edit Automated Greetings

1. Navigate to Settings --> REWARDS & RECOGNITION Settings-->Automations--> Automated Greetings. You will find two greetings created by default: Birthday and Work Anniversary.
Automated Greetings
2. Review and edit any of the above automated greetings, by selecting the gift and clicking on Edit Gift.
Edit Birthday Gift
3. Edit the greeting name, description and the gift points value associated with it.
Edit Basic Details for the Greeting
4. Customize the greeting card image, title and body of the message. You may also preview the email message before enabling it.
Configure the Greeting Message
5. Finally, define the recipients of the automated gift/greeting.
Define the Recipients of the Greeting
Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new joiner welcome greetings are generally applicable to everyone in the organization. Hence, the default setting, as shown above.
Automated greetings can be set up for other calendar events (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas) as well following the similar settings.
Now that the automated greetings are taken care of, let us see how to white-label the platform with your org's branding artifacts.