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Customize your Empuls account with your own brand logos and color themes
White-labeling the platform reinforces your org's brand and values to your employees. It is a quick and easy way to maintain brand consistency and make the platform visually exciting for your team.

White-Label your Empuls Account

1. Navigate to Settings --> BILLING & CUSTOMIZATION --> Branding & Customization
Branding & Customization
2. Edit Program Name under the Program Settings card, by clicking on Edit at the top right corner of the card. If you have a name for recognition program, this is where you configure it. The program name is used on all email notifications that go out to your team.
3. Apply your brand logos, custom login page background, and browser favicon under the Branding card, by clicking on Edit.
4. Finally, change the color theme on the Platform Theming card. Pick colors that are best aligned with your brand identity.
Platform Theming
5. Select from the default color themes available, or create your own by checking the Custom radio button, as shown below.
Theme Selection
It's a good idea to consult your Marketing or Branding team to ensure you apply the right brand colors.
Your Empuls account setup is almost done. Let us add money to your redemption wallet, to enable the redemptions of reward points by your employees.