Ace The Leaderboard

Learn how to ace your org's engagement leaderboard by collaborating with your peers on Empuls
Your participation in Empuls will get a rank on the Leaderboard.
The rank on the Leaderboard is calculated on the Engagement credits you earn by just participating and contributing on the Empuls program .
Acing the Leaderboard afterall is easy , and let's find out How?
Navigate to View Leaderboard and Click on know how to ace the Leaderboard.
1 . Appreciate , Nominate or get Nominated for an award.
Leaderboard Reward & Recognition
2. Converse in a Group or start a conversation , React or comment on a post.
Leaderboard Groups
3.Wish/Congratulate on Birthdays , Work Anniversaries.
Ace Leaderboard
4. Participate in Surveys for feedback.
Ace Leaderboard
5 . Login to Empuls everyday.
Ace Leaderboard