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Appreciate Your Teammates

Share an appreciation, with your teammates, for a job well done
An excellent way to motivate your peers is to recognize their contributions by appreciating them. Doing this publicly has been shown to increase the eNPS by over 20% across organizations.
What more? They are less likely to churn or get disengaged during their course of work. Lead the way and let your colleagues follow your example. Here is how you share an appreciation:
1. Navigate to the group where you want to share your appreciation with your teammates. Click on Appreciate in the feeds box.
2. Enter the name or email address of your teammate. Click on Next.
Enter your teammate's name or email
3. Select any Spot award/Approval Award or core value to appreciate your teammate. You may know more about the intent and purpose of the awards created by your admins, by just clicking on the award and then hit Next.
Select any award or core value
4. Add a few words of praise for your teammate or choose from our auto-generated messages. This citation will be shared publicly and helps reinforce the value of your appreciation.
5. Preview the appreciation on the right side before sharing it publicly with others in the organization. Click Share Appreciation when you are ready.
Add a few words of praise
Great! You have just made your teammate's day. Let them bask in the glory of the recognition and all the congratulations that come with it.
Let us now see how to submit nominations for awards that need approval from the organization.