Gather 360° Feedback
Start your development plan by getting feedback about your performance and behavior
360° feedback is essentially a feedback program that gives you a full overview of what others in the organization are saying about you. It helps you identify your blind spots, i.e., areas of improvement that may have gone unnoticed for long periods of time.
An effective 360° feedback program typically touches everyone, starting from the employees themselves to their managers, peers, suppliers, and customers.

Running Your Own 360° Feedback Surveys

1. Navigate to Empower --> Gather Feedback. You will find the 360° feedback survey templates, as shown below. Click on any one of them.
360° Feedback Survey Templates
2. Once you have selected the required survey template, click on SEND INVITES to invite your teammates to respond to the survey.
Survey Dashboard
3. Add survey invitees by simply entering their name or email address. You may even send survey invites in bulk by using parameters such as Department, Location, BU, Designation, and Grade.
Click on SEND INVITES once you have added the required people.
Send Survey Invites
Survey invitees will be reminded periodically to respond to the survey. You may even add a personal note to the reminder notifications, to reinforce your feedback request.
Now that you know how to perform the core activities on Empuls, let us see how to redeem your earned points and convert them into e-gift cards!
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