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Give Award Nominations

Nominate your teammates for organizational awards
Organizational awards that carry a monetary reward component are highly valued by the employees. They are meant to reinforce positive behaviors and incentivize people to do their best.
You may nominate your teammates for such awards. This is an excellent way to motivate and recognize your peers. Here is how you submit award nominations:
1. Navigate to any group where you and your teammate (nominee) are both members. Click on Appreciate in the feeds box.
2. Enter the name or email address of your teammate who you want to nominate for an award. Click Next.
Enter your teammate's name or email
3. Select any award that needs approval from the organization. You may know more about the intent and purpose of the awards created by your admins by clicking on the award.
Select the relevant approver from the list of approvers configured by your admin. The approvers are most likely going to be your supervisor, head of departments, HR, or CXOs of your organization. Click Next.
Select any award that needs approval
4. Add a few words of praise for your teammate or else you can choose from our auto-generated messages . This citation will be shared publicly and helps reinforce the value of the award.
Add a citation and select the approver
6. Review the nomination summary on the right side before sending it for approval. Click Submit for Review when you are ready.
Great! Now you know how to nominate your teammates for approval based awards. Now, sit back and let the approver review and act on the nomination. You will be notified when your nomination is acted upon.
Let us now see how to approve or decline award nominations if you are the designated approver for an award.