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Introduce Yourself to Others

Introduce yourself to your colleagues, in your own words, when you sign up to Empuls
Empuls is a great place for your teammates to know you better, and vice-versa. What better way to introduce oneself, than talking about things that are important to you, in your own words.

Here is how to introduce yourself to others when you join Empuls:

1. As soon as you log in to Empuls for the first time, you are asked to share a 'Bio' about yourself. This will act as your introduction to your teammates.
2. Add your profile picture to help other people to identify you. Another good reason is to express yourself and help others develop the right impression of you.
Add your Bio and profile picture
You may choose to not introduce yourself publicly, by unchecking the 'Use this description as an introduction' box. However, it is always a good idea to help people know you better, via the introductory post.
Now that you know how to share your intro with others, let us see how to update your detailed profile.