Redeem Your Earned Points

Redeem points to buy e-gift cards on Empuls
Use your earned reward points to purchase products from across the world. The redemptions catalog includes vouchers of brands from 100+ countries to chose from.

How to redeem points?

  1. 1.
    Login to Empuls , Navigate to Rewards Store on the Left Menu .
Redeem Points
2. Browse through the various categories of e-gift cards or search for the voucher directly from the Search Bar (Example: Amazon).
Search vouchers
4. Once you land on the e-gift card page, say Amazon Pay, select the required denomination and click on Redeem.
5 . Make sure to read through the How to use, Terms and Conditions
E-Gift Card Redemption
5. Once the transaction is processed, the order confirmation is shared with the user by default. The e-gift card voucher code is sent to the registered email address.
Order Confirmation

Video Tutorial: Redeem Points on Empuls

How to redeem points on Empuls?
Users can buy E-gift cards on Empuls using only points. Purchases through credit/debit cards are currently not supported.