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Review Award Nominations

Review the award nominations for which you are the designated approver
Take action on the award nominations submitted for your review. You will only receive approval requests for the awards where the admin has designated you as the approver.
Here is how to review award nominations and approve/decline them:
1. Navigate to Appreciate. You will find all the pending award nominations on this page.
List of pending nominations
2. Click on the Take Action button against the award nomination that you want to review.
3. Review the nomination submitted for your action. You may check the award name, nominee details, and award citation from the nominator before taking action.
Review Nomination
4. Click on Approve or Decline, depending on what action you want to take, after going through the award nomination.
5. Mention the reason for approving the award nomination, so that the nominator is informed about the action taken on their nomination along with your reason. Click APPROVE.
Mention the reason for approval
6. Once the award is approved, it gets published on the Townhall group for others to see. If the award is declined, the nominator is notified about the same.
Great! Now that you know how to approve/decline award nominations, let us see how to gather 360° feedback from the people you work with. After all, feedback is the breakfast of champions!