Update Your Profile
Make it easy for your teammates to discover your interests and achievements
Your profile is a quick way for your teammates to know you better: Your key skills, interests, hobbies, awards and past achievements. Keeping your profile updated helps bring teams closer by virtue of knowing each other's strengths.
Here are the steps to edit and update your profile:
    Click on your profile picture, at the top right corner, and then click on My Profile option in the modal that opens up.
My Profile
    Add or edit your profile picture by clicking on Edit.
Edit the Profile Picture
    Add or edit the About Me section. This is your brief introduction that helps your teammates know you better, in your own words.
About Me
    Change the visibility of your personal information like Birthday, Contact No. and Date of Joining the organization. You may hide these by clicking on the the
Hide/Show your Personal Information
    Add or edit the languages you speak, your key skills and hobbies/interest areas. You may also add your social media and blog handles so that your teammates can find you easily on other websites.
Languages, Skills and Hobbies
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