Measure Engagement Through eNPS

What is eNPS?

eNPS is short for Employee Net Promoter Score. It is a metric that gauges employee loyalty by asking them how likely they are to recommend their place of work to friends and acquaintances on a scale of 1-10.

How it works

eNPS calculates the difference between the ratio of promoters and detractors in an organization.

Understanding feedback

  • The eNPS can range from -100, where all employees are detractors (answers 1 to 6) to +100, where all of them are promoters (answers 9 or 10).

  • Using this score, you can gauge your employees' sentiments and work towards improving them. A positive score is good. Any score greater than 50 is excellent.

Measure Employee Net Promoter Score

  • Navigate to Empower > Measure Engagement.

  • Click on GET STARTED under eNPS Survey.

  • Once Employee NPS (eNPS) Survey page loads, click on GET STARTED.

  • A final confirmation page opens. Click on RUN SURVEY to start the process.

eNPS Survey in Empuls

Now that you are all set, you can start engaging with employees around rewards and recognitions, and let Empuls work for you!