Set Up R&R Program

Points Conversion Rate

Budgeting is the process of creating points reserves. It is used for rewarding/awarding.

  • Navigate to Platform Administration > Manage Org. Budgets.

  • Define a relation between a point and the currency you want to use. For example: 1 point = 1 USD under SET CONVERSION RATE.

  • By default, the conversion rate is set as 1 point = 1 Unit of the account creator's local currency.

Create Points for R&R

The Manage Org. Budgets dashboard provides you with a snapshot of the points that exist in your company account.

  • Click on CREATE POINTS to add or deduct points into your account. A pop-up window opens.

  • Enter 10000 in the β€œHow many points you want to create” field. Click on CREATE. The point balance is now updated with 10,000 points.

Create and Review Award

Teammates can recognize their achievements through awards. We have created a sample SPOT AWARD to get started with, and you can make changes as you review it.

Let’s get started.

  • Navigate to Platform Administration > Awards, Values & Gifts.

  • Hover over Spot Award, and on the right side, click on the pencil to edit the award.

  • Review the settings

  • Complete the award creation process.

It's time to reward the achievements of your teammates.