Set Up Work Anniversary Gifts

Set up automated workflows to gift and greet your teammates on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones.

Follow the following steps to access the automated greeting dashboard.

  • Navigate to Platform Administration > Automation.

  • Then click on the AUTOMATED GREETINGS tab.

  • There are three kinds of automated greetings:

    • Birthdays

    • Work Anniversary

    • Welcome someone who has joined the Company.


  • Continue by selecting Celebrating a Work Anniversary.

  • Enter the Gift points.

  • Select the number of years post-completion, of which the work anniversary gift is to be given. Then click on CONTINUE.

  • Click on CONTINUE on the β€œMessage details” section.

Optional: You can preview the email to be sent to your teammates.

  • Proceed ahead to select the recipients and click on REVIEW SETTINGS.

  • If satisfied, click on CONFIRM AND CREATE to set up an automated Work Anniversary gift.

Creation of Birthday gifts and Welcome new joiners gift work in a similar fashion.