How To Use Groups
Ideas around activities that can be done in an Empuls group

Join a Group

The list of groups that you are a part of is under Connect navigation menu. To join a new group, follow the below steps:
  1. 1.
    Click on New Group in the navigation menu under Connect.
  2. 2.
    On View All Group page, go to Other Groups. Here, you will see all the groups that you are not a part of.
  3. 3.
    Click on JOIN to join any group.
  4. 4.
    Employees can join public groups instantly. Private groups require approval from group admins.

Start A Discussion

Users can start a discussion in a group. However, the admins of the group control the right to initiate a discussion. To manage these settings, click here.

Share a Message

Members can share a message in the group. The system can create automated notification posts like Birthday, Work Anniversary, award receiving cards.

Tag Users Or Values

Tagging a user in a post will notify them about it. To tag a user in a post, use the '@' sign followed by the person's name. An email notification will be sent to the users. If you want to tag all the group members, do it by tagging '@Group'.
Attach a value card using the '#' sign, then select the value you want to tag.

Appreciate Teammates

Users can appreciate each other by tagging a defined value card and spot recognitions. The steps to appreciate your teammate is shown below.

Greet & Congratulate

Greet and Congratulate your teammate on their achievements. Select a suitable card from a list of Greeting cards from the library. You can click on GREET to access the library of cards.

Attach files or documents

Attach documents and photos with a maximum size of 10 MB to your posts.
Attaching weblinks on the posts will create a thumbnail.

Participate in Discussions

You may attach files or greet and congratulate teammates in comments as well. The group admins can control the rights of participating in a group.

Add Comments

Comments increase the interactions on a post, which could mean an increase in visibility.

Add Reactions

React to a post by agreeing to it or giving a high five using the following buttons

Share Discussions

Group members can share posts with other groups. You can also copy a sharable link that can be used on social media websites.
Hover over the post to explore the share option.

Edit / Delete Discussions or Comments

Posts can be edited or deleted as per your choice by clicking on
in the post.

Report Abuse

If there are any posts that you feel are against the company policies or inappropriate, report them to the Group Admin.

Leave a Group

If you wish to leave a group that you are a part of, go to the Group information page. Click on the
to access the option to Leave Group.