Manage Group Members
Auto adding group members into Empuls groups

Add Group members

After a group is created, the next step is to add members.

Add a Teammate

Add group members from the Group Information page. Click on the ADD MEMBER button at the top of the page.
You can either paste multiple email IDs or use filters to add Members quickly.
Auto-adding group members: If a group consists of users from specific departments, locations, various reporting levels, etc., select the checkbox to auto-update group members in real-time.

Remove members

On the Group Information page, you can remove members individually. Click
on the group member. There is no option to remove users in bulk.

Give/Revoke Admin Rights

Group members can be made admins. To make a group member an admin, click
on the group member and give them group admin rights.
A similar process is followed for revoking the rights.