What's New In Empuls?

Find out what is new in Empuls, to improve your employee experience

Upcoming Product Updates (Q1, 2022)

Perks and Discounts on the Empuls Catalog

Empuls users are in for a treat! The redemptions catalog is getting revamped to offers perks, deals, and discounts to all users that would help them maximize the value from their redeemed points.
A plethora of deals and discounts on brand vouchers, exclusive coupons for the most popular e-commerce sites, cashback, and other benefits mean that the Empuls users get more for their earned points than before. The catalog team is working extra hard to bring more exclusive deals on brand vouchers every day, so keep an eye out for the ones that interest you!

Empuls app is going to be Multilingual

You asked and we listened! Empuls app is in the process of upgrading to provide a multilingual experience for the employees of your organization. With a flick of a switch, users will be able to change the language in which they access the application and set their local/preferred language as the default one.
Our customer organizations are spread across geographies, with employees having diverse cultural and lingual needs. While English is the widely accepted language of business, but it just isn't the same as experiencing the app in the user's local language as per their preference. Hence, we want to cater effectively to our users based out of non-English speaking regions to provide a fully inclusive experience.

Return to Work Survey Template

Know how your employees feel about returning to work from the office.
Gauge the employees' sentiments towards returning to the workplace during the pandemic and understand the key pain points in doing so. The anonymous feedback received through this survey will help the org make the workplace safe and sound for returning to work.
The Return to Work Survey Template is available only in the Proficient plan of Empuls, and is available for the admin access role.

Recent Product Updates

Engagement Analytics Reporting for all Empuls users

Updated on 15th February 2022
Data and analytics is a powerful way for informing users about progress made towards their engagement goals and encouraging and empowering them to take necessary steps towards achieving those goals. To put it in a different way - what gets measured, gets managed.
Different user personas can gain a better understanding of progress made with their employee engagement goals based on historical performance and usage. The new Analyze & Improve section provides the engagement analytics reports that are meant to empower the Empuls users with actionable insights on the way forward at a highly targeted personal or team level.
This feature is available only in the Proficient plan of Empuls and is available for use to all the user access roles, by default.

Automated Gifts and Greetings

Updated on 5th February 2022
Plan and configure your employee gifting calendar in advance, so that you do not miss out on sending the right gift to your employees on the right date.
The newly introduced workflow under Automations allows Empuls admins to set up gifts to be sent on a future date, thereby removing the hassle of following a calendar manually and sending each gift on the desired date to the employees. This also helps the admins to manage their annual gifts budget and ensure they are not spending on unplanned gifts during the course of the year. All employee gifts can be configured before the launch of the platform to the end-users, based on the approved annual budget.
This integration is available across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls and can be found under the 'Automations' section under Platform Administration.

Create Customized Certificates for Awards

Updated on 10th January 2022
Empuls admins can now create their own certificate templates on Empuls and attach them to awards for automated distribution to the respective award winners. This allows Empuls customers to issue certificates in their own template, which is aligned with their organization's brand guidelines. Also, the automated distribution of certificates to award winners eliminates any manual intervention needed from the HR team, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the rewards programs.
This feature is available only in the Proficient plan of Empuls and is available for use to all the Super Admin access roles, by default.

Access Empuls through Your Google/ Slack/ Microsoft Account (OAuth Based Login)

Updated on 20th December 2021
All users with Google/ Slack/ Microsoft Office accounts can now login or sign up to Empuls using their existing credentials through an OAuth 2.0 based authentication flow, which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. It allows a website or application to access resources hosted by other web apps on behalf of the user.
This helps the end-users access Empuls without having to create a separate password for Empuls, and makes the sign-up process quick and seamless. This also improves the security of your Empuls account by ensuring the app is accessed only after authentication from your work email accounts.
This feature is available to all existing users and prospective users of Empuls. Check it out now, by clicking here.

Empuls Notifications on Slack and MS Teams

Updated on 15th December 2021
All users of the Empuls app on Slack and MS Teams will now receive real-time notifications, specific to them, within their Slack/ Teams interface. These notifications are shared on the Empuls channel on Slack/Teams and are linked to take the user directly to the relevant content within their Empuls web app. This allows the Empuls users to stay updated with everything happening on Empuls without leaving their Slack/Teams window, thereby reducing the effort in managing their notifications on multiple platforms. Also, the users are less likely to miss out on critical notifications as these are accessible on a dedicated channel within their Slack/ Teams account.
This feature is available to all users of the Empuls app on Slack and MS Teams, irrespective of the plan or user access role.

LinkedIn Integration for Social Sharing of Empuls Content

Updated on 30th November 2021
Integration between Empuls and LinkedIn is available to be enabled in a DIY mode for the Empuls admins. This allows the Empuls users to share their awards and recognitions posts on their LinkedIn profile with the click of a button. Further, Empuls admins can also share public posts to their LinkedIn profiles seamlessly, without having to spend the time and effort to publish a separate post.
LinkedIn is the platform of choice when it comes to highlighting one's professional achievements and this is where the Empuls+LinkedIn integration comes into the picture. It empowers the employees to communicate to their social network with a recognition post that is validated by their organization.
This integration is available across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls and can be found under the 'Integrations' section under the Platform Settings. This integration needs to be enabled by the respective Empuls admins for all the employees to be able to access it on the feeds page.

Remind Users in Bulk, to Sign Up to Empuls

Updated on 30th November 2021
Maximize the sign-up rates to Empuls by reminding all users who are yet to create their Empuls account, with a single click of a button. Empuls admins can now track the number of employees who are yet to log in, from the 'User Management' section under the Platform Administration, and can resend the email invites, in bulk, to remind the employees to create their Empuls account. What's more? Admins can also add a personalized note to the reminder emails so that the employees understand the importance of signing up and participating in the conversations along with their teammates.
This feature is available across both, the Start and Proficient plans of Empuls and is available to the Super Admin access role, by default.

Sign Up to Empuls directly through MS Teams

Updated on 18th November 2021
MS Teams users can sign up to Empuls directly through the Empuls app on the Teams app store. The Empuls app is redesigned so that Teams users can purchase an Empuls subscription from the MS Teams app store or the Teams admin console. Once the subscription is purchased, Microsoft redirects the user to the landing page of the Empuls app, in order to activate the subscription. This allows the Teams users to experience Empuls on MS Teams and participate in rewards and recognition programs from their MS Teams Account directly.
This facility is available to all MS Teams users.

Pulse Survey Report with Actionable Insights

Updated on 29th October 2021
Admins can now download the executive summary report as well as customized drilled down reports after the completion of the Empuls pulse survey. This helps the survey admins get insights from the pulse survey in a ready-to-consume manner so that it is all the more convenient to identify key engagement drivers that need attention and start working towards moving the engagement needle in the right direction.
The pulse survey report is available only in the Proficient plan and is automatically enabled after the completion of the survey. Also, the report is enabled only when at least 3 users have responded to the pulse survey.

Employee Pulse Survey 2.0

Updated on 29th October 2021
Impact the most important engagement metrics using the new and improved Employee Pulse Survey. Get rich insights that are ready for action, analyze engagement trends, or drill down into smaller pockets in the org: all without the hassle of managing excel spreadsheets. Admins can now view trends of the org eNPS and engagement drivers across teams, locations, business units, and even employee tenure brackets! The survey dashboard is also revamped to give you access to the historical survey data!
The Employee Pulse Survey is available only in the Proficient plan and the dashboard is enabled only when at least 3 users have responded to the survey.

Schedule the First Data Sync with Freshteam

Updated on 15th October 2021
Empuls admins can now define when the employees get the email invitation to join their organization's Empuls account by scheduling the first data sync with Freshteam HRMS. This helps the admins control the precise date and time when the employees get added to the system as per the platform launch and go-live plan. Timing the first data sync has a significant impact on the sign-up rates within the first 24 hours of the employees getting added to the platform and can bolster the platform adoption rates by more than 20% compared to cases where the first data sync is left to the definition of the integration.
This feature is available across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls and is available to the Super Admin access role, by default.

Empuls Integrates with Freshteam and GreytHR

Updated on 15th September 2021
Empuls now integrates with Freshteam and GreytHR applications. These integrations automates the user account management processes in Empuls, based on the employee data available in Freshteam and GreytHR. With these integrations:
  1. 1.
    Add new employees to Empuls automatically, as soon as their Freshteam/GreytHR profile is created.
  2. 2.
    Edit existing employee data in Empuls, simply by updating their Freshteam/GreytHR profile.
  3. 3.
    Remove exited employees from Empuls based on their exit date in Freshteam/GreytHR.
Like our other standard integrations, the employee data would sync with Empuls once every 24 hours. These integrations are available across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls, and is accessible to the Super Admin access role, by default.

Redemption of Non-API based vouchers

Updated on 10th September 2021
The Empuls redemptions catalog is bigger and better now. We have added a bunch of catalog items from vendors across the globe who do not support API-based gift cards and vouchers. The Empuls order management team is up and ready to process orders for these vouchers in a timely manner and ensure these 'offline' vouchers are reaching the end-users as per the terms and conditions mentioned under them. Some of the examples include Samsung, Intermiles, DocsApp, Cure.Fit, Upgrad, Hammer, GRT Jewellers, and more.
The Non-API vouchers are available for redemptions across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls and is automatically available for all user segments and access roles.

In-House Catalog Items

Updated on 6th August 2021
Give the freedom of choice to your employees when it comes to redeeming their points. With the In-House Catalog option, create custom catalog items that are relevant to your organization. Navigate to Platform Administration --> In House Catalog to start adding your own merchandise and redemption options to the org's Empuls catalog.
Here are a few examples:
  • Organizational merchandize
  • Lunch with CXO
  • Extra Day Off
  • Parking Spot for the Week
  • Office Gym Membership
The In House Catalog is available only in the Proficient plan of Empuls. There is no limit to the number of items that can be added by the organization.

Survey Invites on User Home Page

Updated on 28th July 2021
Now, users can access all the pending surveys at one common place! Check out the new, dedicated Survey Invites section on your personalized Home Page. This section will contain all the active surveys that are pending your response. What's more? You earn a fair share of engagement credits when you share feedback with your colleagues!
This feature is available across both, the Starter and Proficient plans of Empuls and is automatically available for all user segments and access roles.

Redeem Points Within Empuls

Updated on 30th June 2021
Purchasing gift cards and tracking order status will now be available completely within the Empuls web and mobile app, making it easier and quicker for users to redeem points. The new redemptions flow contains both, instant vouchers as well as manually processed vouchers (in certain geographies). What's more? Empuls admins will automatically receive the invoice for each redemption transaction across the organization so that they can keep a track of the org spends and account for them seamlessly.
The in-app redemption is available across both, the Starter and Proficient plan of Empuls, and is available for all user segments and access roles.

COVID Preparedness Survey Template

Updated on 5th March, 2021
COVID-19 pandemic has been hovering over us for a good amount of time. Thus a COVID-preparedness survey is needed.
The employees are not in their best emotional state and the organization must give them a hint that we are there for you. The most lucid form of communication for this problem is the COVID-preparedness survey.
Not only would this give an idea of how the teams are holding up, but the questions also clear out a lot of doubts concerning communication, team-coordination, health and fitness of the family, and special care, if needed, to particular employees. With the morale down and people in fear, a positive message in the form of a COVID-preparedness survey would relieve the employees.
The Covid Preparedness Survey Template is available only in the Proficient plan of Empuls, and is available for the admin access roles.