Manage Core Values

How-To guide for creating, configuring and disabling core value cards on Empuls

Set up Core Value Card

Value cards represent the core values of a company. To define these values, navigate to Settings > REWARDS & RECOGNITION SETTINGS >Awards, Values & Gifts. To create a new value card, go to the Value Cards tab and follow these steps:
  • Click on Add Core Value . Add a New Core Value Card form opens.
Core Vlaue
  • Fill out the Core value name and the description. When you upload an image, make sure you adjust and crop the image appropriately.
Add Core Value
  • Enter details and click on Save. The new value card is added to the CoreValue Cards list.
Core Value List

Edit Value Card

  • Click on
    icon to Edit a Corevalue card .
  • Edit the required details and click on SAVE.

Delete Card

To delete an active Corevalue card click on the
icon and confirm to Delete .