Manage Organization Values
How-To guide for creating, configuring and disabling core value cards on Empuls

Set up Value Card

Value cards represent the core values of a company. To define these values, navigate to Platform Administration > Awards, Values & Gifts. To create a new value card, go to the Value Cards tab and follow these steps:
  • Click on ADD NEW CARD. Add A New Value Card form opens.
  • Chose from one of the existing value cards, or upload your own. When you upload an image, make sure you adjust and crop the image appropriately.
  • Enter details and click on ADD. The new value card is added to the Value Cards list.

Edit Value Card

  • Click on EDIT on a value card that you want to edit.
  • Edit the required details and click on SAVE.

Delete Card

Disable an active value card by clicking on the DELETE button on the value card block and confirm by clicking on DISABLE.