In-House Catalog
Add your custom merchandize and benefits to the points redemption catalog.

What is the In-House Catalog?

Your Empuls account comes with a points redemption catalog of e-gift cards and vouchers. With the In-house catalog option, you can create your own catalog items, that are relevant to your employees.
Here are a few examples of In-House Catalog items:
    Organizational merchandize
    Lunch with CXO
    Extra Day Off
    Parking Spot for the Week
    Health & Wellness Membership
    Plum stores order vouchers

How to Add In-House Catalog items for points redemption?

    Navigate to Platform Administration --> In-House Catalog.
    Click on ADD ITEM to add your custom item to the catalog.
    Add a product image, and enter the item name and description.
    Assign a value to the catalog item. This will define the number of equivalent points needed to redeem this item.
    Enter the required information about how the In-House order will be fulfilled, and terms and conditions around the redemption process.
    Click on Confirm & Save to add the new item to the redemptions catalog.
You can find the newly added catalog item on the Redeem Points page.

How to Redeem the In-House Catalog Item?

The redemptions process for In-House catalog items is the same as that of any other catalog item. Find out how to Redeem Points as the end-user.

How will my redemption order be fulfilled?

The admins of your organization's Empuls account are responsible for reviewing and processing orders for the In-House catalog items. Once the product/experience is delivered to you, the admin would mark the order as Delivered to complete the transaction.
Last modified 2mo ago