User Management
Add new users and manage your org's user accounts.
Add/remove user accounts in Empuls or edit user information by navigating to Platform Administration > User Management

Manage Users Individually

Managing individual users will allow you to take actions on one user at a time. The following activities help you manage users effectively:
    Add users.
    Edit users.
    Enable or disable users.
    Resend invitation.
    Log in as a different user.

Add Users

Register new users on the User Managementpage by following these steps
    Clicking on the
    button on the page. you will land on Add New Employee page.
    Register a user by filling in the Basic Details. Updating Professional and Personal details are optional.
    Assign a relevant access role based on the user’s needs
    On hitting SAVE the user will receive an invitation to create their account.
There are four access roles : Super Admin, General Admin, Manager and Employee. Manage the level of access for each role through the access controls page

Edit User Details

Edit all the information of a user except the Official email ID. Super admins can change email ID only through the bulk upload feature.
Hover over the user whose information you want to edit, then click on

Enable/Disable Users

Enable or disable users by clicking on the icon shown below.
Once a user is disabled, all the pending rewarded points will be frozen until user is enabled again.

Remind Users to Sign-up

Remind users to set up their account if they have not already done so by clicking on the
icon highlighted below. This sends the user a fresh invitation.
Click on the
when you hover over an invited user to resend the invitation.

Log-in as different Users

Complete pending actions like initiating a nomination, interacting on groups, completing a survey, etc., on behalf of other users by logging in as them and becoming the account owner for 30 minutes.
The account owner will receive an email notification and all the activities are logged.

Manage Users in Bulk

One can do the following activities via bulk upload:
    Add users.
    Edit user information.
    Enable or disable users.

Download the Template for Bulk Upload

Navigate to the User Management page, now click on the
. Download the template from the DOWNLOAD SAMPLE button.

Add Users

Register users by adding the basic details only. All other fields are optional.
Steps to upload the users in bulk are as follows:
    Click on the
    in User Management page.
    Download the template from the DOWNLOAD SAMPLE button.
    Fill in the details in the downloaded CSV file.
    Browse the completed CSV file from your computer. Click on NEXT.
    Map the column between the file and system. It will not upload unmapped columns.
    Then click on SUBMIT.
    Analyze bulk upload status from the report generated after upload.

Some important formats to be kept in mind.

    Date fields - The format of the date field should be uniform and numeric. It should align with the form mapped to the column. For example, Correct format - DD/MM/YYYY. Incorrect format: DD/MM-YYYY
    Contact field - The contact field must be in the format of '+Country code'-12357890. For example, correct format - +91-9988776655. Incorrect format - 9988776655.

Edit User Details

Editing user includes adding new information, removing some information and updating current information.
Edit a few or all users' information by filling in a CSV file template or and uploading it.
The two mandatory fields that have to be present for all bulk upload updates are First Name and Email.

Adding Information

Add user information by mapping the required column and the mandatory fields - First Name and Official Email ID.
The steps to add users' information are as follows:
    Prepare a CSV file with columns First Name, Email, Access Role and other information you want to add.
    Go to Bulk upload and upload the CSV file.
    Map the required columns between the system and file. Click on Submit.
For example, if you want to allocate a Business Unit to your existing lot of users, you have to upload the CSV file, map the First Name, Email and Business Unit.

Update Information

Like adding information, updating and removing information can be done by changing the column data or keeping it blank.
Map it to the required field along with the mandatory fields.
Updating Email ID: Email ID can be updated if the user has an Employee ID.

Enable/Disable users

To enable or disable users in bulk, follow the steps below:
    Prepare a CSV file with columns First Name, Email and Employee Status.
    Keep the employee status as Active for enabling users and Inactive for disabling users.
    Go to Bulk upload and upload the CSV file.
    Map the columns between the system and file. Click on Submit.

Download User data

Download the existing user data from the User Management page by clicking on the
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