Billing and Subscription
This section helps the super admin to track their Empuls usage and pay for it.

Getting Started

Empuls offers organizations the flexibility to choose from the product packages offered and pay online. Here are is a quick walkthrough of things to do to set up billing on Empuls.
You are required to navigate to the Billing & Subscriptions page under Platform Settings Menu to start setting up your payments.
  1. 1.
    Choose a product package: You are assigned a starter package (unless specified otherwise) with a 30-day free trial. You can compare the feature for each package by clicking on the link​
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    Add Billing Email id and Address: Updating the billing Email id and Address ensures the invoice generated is attributed to your organization and is shared with the right person.
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    Add Card Information: Adding card information helps in automated payments for every billing cycle.
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    Add Tax Id: This helps in generating a tax invoice that can be submitted to authorities for expenses and rebates if applicable.
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    Prepaid Credit: refers to all offline payments and promotional credits provided to your account. These credits are used to fund your next invoice. You will be required to pay only if the invoice amount exceeds the promotional credits.

Monthly Billing Explained

All customers at sign-up are offered a no-commitment free trial of 30 days irrespective of the product package chosen. See the image below for more information.
Billing Cycle Explained

Sign Up (i.e Day 1)

The users are provided an option to select a product package as part of the signup process. In case you did get the option, then you are automatically subscribed to the Starter package. The account is provided with a 30 day free trial period to allow the super admin to configure the account to their organizational needs and evaluate Empuls with a few initial users.
The super admin can add his billing information by navigating to the Billing and Subscriptions page under the Platform Settings menu to set up their billing details. The user is required to provide Address, Card Information, and Tax id to commit to using the Empuls product. An intermediate reminder will be sent in case no card details are linked to your account.
Alternatively, the super admin can cancel the subscription to stop using the Empuls platform.

Trial Period Ends (Day 30)

Once the trial period ends, an invoice for the next month is generated and shared with the Super Admin. This invoice can be paid in the next 30 days for continued usage of Empuls. It can be paid by using the Pay Now option or by adding card details on the Billing & Subscription page.
Invoice Value =
InvoiceValue=(Pricing/user/month)βˆ—(NumberofEmployees)Invoice Value = (Pricing/user/month) * (Number of Employees)
The account will be suspended if the invoice remains unpaid for more than 30 days.

The Next Invoice (Day 60)

The invoice for the next month is generated only if the invoice for the previous month is paid. The invoice generated will include
A)Estimated usage for the next month calculated as per the formula above
B)Prorated usage from the previous month factors the addition of any new users during the previous month after the previous month's invoice was generated. The system is configured to calculate the prorated usage according to the pricing plan selected.
For e.g: 10 new users were added on the 15th day of the previous month. The prorated cost will be $15 i.e ($3/30*15)*(10). The formula for calculating the prorated cost is provided below.
ProratedCost=(Costperdayβˆ—numberofdaysused)βˆ—(Noofusersadded)Prorated Cost = (Cost per day * number of days used) *(No of users added)
In case the user accounts are disabled, the number of users added will be factored as a negative value.

Annual Billing Explained

Coming Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?
Ans) You will be able to find the option of Cancel Subscription in the Billing and Subscriptions page under the Platform Settings Menu option.
How do I restart my subscription?
Ans) You will be able to find the option of Restart Subscription in the Billing and Subscriptions page under the Platform Settings Menu option. In case you have any unpaid invoices, you will be required to make payments for that invoice to restart your subscription.
How do I downgrade my subscription from Proficient to Starter?
Ans) The option to downgrade your subscription is currently managed by the Empuls team. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for downgrading your subscription.