Branding & Customization

Branding & Customization changes the look and feel of the Empuls platform, which goes in sync with your company's branding. Navigate to Platform Settings > Branding & Customization.

Program Setting

Program Name

Empuls can have a customized Program Name that your employees can relate to as an Engagement tool. By default, the Program name is Empuls.

Some examples of Program Names used by our other clients are Kudos, Cheers, Pursuit of Happiness. The program name is also displayed in the email communications by the tool.

Time zone

The time zone is aligned to the country set in Business Informations.

Conversion Factor and Base Currency

The conversion rate and the base currency you chose while setting the conversion rate are displayed here.

Branding Empuls

Welcome your employees onto Empuls with a branded platform customized with your company's logo and colors.

Theme Selection

  1. Click on Theme Selection under Branding & Customization page.

  2. Select a theme from the available ones or create a custom look specific to your company.

  3. Select Background, Text color, Badge color, etc. and click on SAVE to save your changes on your platform.

  1. Upload your company logo here. Navigate toProgram Logo under Branding.

  2. Click on Upload New Image and crop as required.

  3. Click on DONE to save your company logo, which is displayed on the left top corner of your empuls platform.

Change Login Background

Welcome your employees onto the Empuls platform with a rich login background.

  1. Click on Login Background under Branding.

  2. You can either select from the available designs or upload one.

  3. Click on UPLOAD visible on the left top corner to upload your login background.

  4. Click on SAVE to save your login background.

Select Favicon

Select the icon that will appear on the browser tab header.

  1. Click on Select Favicon under Branding.

  2. Click on Upload a new icon to upload your branding logo.

  3. Check the appearance of your favicon on your browser and click on DONE to save your favicon settings.


Points reminder

  • Automated notifications to users to nudge them for action.

  • Check this box if you wish to send automated nudges to employees to redeem their earned reward points. (Reminders are sent only if they have at least 500 points)

Delete Empuls Account

You have the option to delete the empuls platform. To delete the platform navigate to Branding & Customization > Platform Settings, then click on DELETE EMPULS. Data already stored in the platform will be irretrievable.

Account deletion is an irreversible process. The data that gets deleted when you delete Empuls are:

  • All account data, including points and reserve funds, would be lost and cannot be recovered.

  • All users will lose access to your account.

  • All posts created, surveys, and awards will be inaccessible.

  • Any unredeemed points your users may have accumulated will be forfeited.

  • Any unused funds in your redemption reserves will become unusable if you delete your account.