Microsoft Teams

About this Integration

The Empuls app on MS Teams allows users to participate in employee engagement activities on Empuls from the convenience of their MS Teams platform. This app provides an omnichannel experience to users providing them the option to use Empuls from their MS Teams account in the web browser, mobile, and desktop applications. Click here to get details about the Empuls app on the Teams store.

Send Awards & Appreciations

You can appreciate and reward your team with awards on channels and group chats of your MS Teams account. Here is a gif illustrating the same.

Illustration of sending appreciations on MS Teams App

You can nominate your teammates for awards by following the same process. The award will be published after it is approved by the reviewer of the nomination, It will be published in the same channel used to initiate the nomination.

The reviewers will be informed about the nomination immediately through a bot notification on their MS Teams account, the user will be redirected to the Empuls platform to complete the review process.

Redeem Points

You can redeem points accumulated in your Empuls account by interacting with the Empuls bot in your private chat section. Here is a gif illustrating the same.

Please note that you need to install the Empuls bot on your MS Teams account to redeem your points. Detailed instructions for MS Teams bot installation provided in the Install Empuls app section below.

Share your feedback

You can share your feedback/opinions on how to improve the employee experience in the organization by participating in NPS surveys, employee engagement surveys, and Life cycle surveys run by the HR Team. These surveys will help HR’s identify the areas of improvement and take informed action. You can respond to these survey from your MS Teams account as illustrated below

Illustration of user respond to a survey on MS Teams

The above-described functions can be accessed only by Empuls customers. New Customers can use the quick link below to Sign up to Empuls and then Sign in through MS Teams.



Installation Guide

For Employees

The Empuls app is available for all users on MS Teams app store. Here is a quick illustration of how to add Empuls app to your MS Teams account.

You can install the Empuls app on your MS Teams platform in 3 ways as demonstrated in the gif above.

1. Add

This adds the Empuls bot to your account. This allows you to interact with the Empuls bot from the chat section to access your account related functions like Redeem Points, Show my To Do's, etc. The Empuls bot will also keep you informed about all activities related to your Empuls account.

2. Add to Team

Adds the Empuls app to the selected team. This allows all users of the team to send appreciations and awards to their teammates in all channels of that team. Only users with permission to install apps to the team can access this function.

3. Add to Chat

Adds the Empuls app to the selected chat. This allows all users of the team to send appreciations and awards to their teammates in that channel. It's recommended you add the Empuls app only to group chats as sending appreciations in 1:1 chats is restricted.

For MS Teams Administrators

MS Teams allows administrators to install apps on Channels from the administrator console. The administrators can control the app installation in 2 ways.

Installation from Admin Console

The MS Teams administrators can install third-party applications on channels remotely from their Admin console. This might require them to allow org-wide third-party applications if currently blocked. The admins can search for the Empuls app, select and install it to the channels of their choice as demonstrated below.

Install App from MS Teams Console

Modify Global Policy

The administrator can alternatively provide the option to users to install the Empuls app at their discretion by modifying the global policy for installing the app. This will allow users to see a subset of applications on the app store. Here is the illustration of setting the custom permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am unable to find the Empuls app in the Teams app store, How do I proceed?

This happens if the Teams administrator blocks users from accessing public (Third-party) apps from the Teams store. Please reach out to your MS Teams administrator for enabling Empuls on the Store. Refer Installation guide for more information.

2. How do I uninstall the Empuls app from a team?

You can uninstall an app from a channel by navigating to the Apps section of the Manage Team option.

3.How do I uninstall the Empuls bot from my chat section?

You can uninstall the Empuls bot from your account by navigating to the chat section, Right-click by hovering on the Empuls app, and select uninstall.

4. After Integrating with MS Teams, will all awards and appreciations issued on the Empuls platform be posted on MS Teams as well?

No, Only the appreciations and awards initiated from MS Teams will be posted on the respective channel /group chat of the MS Teams.