About This Integration

Now manage your engagement initiatives within Slack. The Empuls app integration with Slack creates a dedicated channel within Slack. With important notifications pushed into this channel, stay up to date with all things employee engagement directly within Slack.

Empuls Integration with Slack allows the users to easily access the recognition and reward capabilities of the Empuls platform from their Slack accounts. This is intended to improve user participation in the employee engagement program.

The integration is a smart and cost-effective solution to keep your workforce motivated and catapult them to optimum productivity.

Listing down the primary benefits of Xoxoday-Slack integration:

- Improve participation in employee engagement activities. - Employee Motivation. - Empower your employees.

How to Set Up This Integration?

Program managers (i.e., Super Admin) can set up the integration in less than a minute (It took us 15 seconds, refer to the gif below)

Login to your Empuls accounts and go to Slack App under Integrations in the Account Settings menu.

  • Click on START SETUP Integration button.

  • Allow required permission on your slack App.

  • Done!, Empuls bot is now ready to use on your Slack account.

Note: You can disable integration on the Slack Integrations page by using on Remove Integration option.

How Does it Work?

Use /empuls command on slack to view all actions inside the app.

With this integration, the user will be able to

  • Send appreciation to their teammates.

  • Managers can give awards to their teammates.

  • Users can nominate their peers for awards.

  • Get notified about the rewards and recognitions received.

  • Get reminders for actions like reviewing nominations, responding to an engagement survey and more.

Empuls on Slack:

Slack FAQS

1. Post Integration with Slack, Can I appreciate, Award and Redeem my points through Slack?

No. You will get an option to Appreciate, Award & Redeem points. When you click on the same, it will redirect you to the respective pages.

2. Does complete communication be visible in Slack post integrating with Empuls?

No. You will only get notified in Slack. When you click on the notification, you will be redirected to the Empuls page.