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Add Users in Bulk

Add and edit users in bulk through CSV file upload
Adding users to Empuls is as easy as uploading your employee master data in .CSV file format.
Here is a sample CSV template that can be used to upload your team's data. This will help you add users in bulk or edit employee information in one go.
Sample User Data.csv
Sample Template for User Data Upload
1. Navigate to Settings --> User Management. Click on the ellipses icon (three dots) on the top right corner of your screen.
Add users in bulk - start
2. Review the three steps needed to create your data file. Download the sample file tagged on step two if not done already.
3. Attach the CSV file containing the user data, as shown in the snapshot below. Make sure you have checked the file for data accuracy before uploading it. Click on MAP FIELDS once done.
Attach CSV File
3. Map the columns for the uploaded data with the relevant list of fields on Empuls you'd like to map it to. Any columns left unmapped will be ignored and not be uploaded to your Empuls account.
Map Fields for Uploaded Data
4. Once you click the UPLOAD button, the information for all the users on the uploaded file will be added to your Empuls account. Any new users will be added, while information for existing users will be updated based on the information contained within the file. A summary of all the successful or failed uploads will be shown as well. You can download the failed records to re-upload them after rectification of errors.
Enter 'Active/Inactive' status in the Employee Status column in the uploaded CSV file to enable/disable access to Empuls.
Data errors, if any, are highlighted after the system verifies the uploaded user data file. Please review them and re-upload the file once the concerned employee data is corrected.
Let's learn about Access Controls in our next section.