R&R Dashboard

Real time dashboard for measuring the success of R&R through Empuls
The Reports on Empuls provides the complete functions to help the administrator get detailed platform usage reports. These reports give details of feeds generated type-wise, awards given, budgets, redemptions, pending nominations and gifts.
The Report on Empuls is broadly divided into three sections: Live Status, R&R Statistics and Data.
You can find Rewards & Recognition Dashboard under Settings >OTHER SETTINGS>Reward & Recognition.
The Overview dashboard shows visual representations of usage data with options to filter as per viewing requirements finely.


Points Overview - The card shows an overview of the balance of the created points and points usage. Notice that the sum of both points is the same.
Funds Overview - See the recharge done by you and their utilization in this section
Budget Utilization Percentage - The total budget used for rewarding and gifting versus the total budget created.
Total spending on Rewards & Gifts

Budget Utilization

A detailed representation of the utilized budgets goes a long way in deciding on the results, outcomes, differences, and further action course. For that, the reports dashboard has come up with the budget utilization graph.
The budget utilization graph helps get a gist of allocation budgets, its utilization, and how efficient it turns out to be. Access budget utilization graphs across departments, locations, etc., to plan the budgets accordingly.
The managers, HR, and CXOs can keep track of spending better for calculating the ROI.
  • The budget utilization graph elucidates the total budget used for rewarding and the budget left unutilized.
  • The employees’ data can be grouped by department, location, cost center, grade, or designation to get more precise insights related to each group's budget.
  • The reports can be filtered by date to observe the utilization for a defined period of time.
  • Any user with no information for departments, cost centers, grades, locations, and designations shall be tagged “N/A” for that respective input.
  • The program administrator can know the absolute values of allocated budgets and their utilization so that s/he can act on its improvement.

Rewards & Recognition

The Rewards and Recognition tab gives overall details of all the appreciations given to all the users. The four sections in which the Rewards and Recognition tab is divided are:
  • Reward points given - total points distributed.
  • Gifts point given - Points given in gifts.
  • Nomination history - Pending, Approved, Revoked.
  • Appreciations - Number of Value cards given.


You can view the history of points redemption across the organization.
Learn how to extract various reports on Rewards & Recognition
for your org.