Fun Contests, Ideas and Badges

Employee Appreciation Day/week Ideas

Make every day Employee Appreciation Day - Spread the positive energy by recognizing colleagues who truly make an impact on your everyday work life.

Encourage your folks to Give Kudos & Hi-fi through value badges & awards!

Announce an Employee Appreciation Week or Gratitude Day!


Laughter is the best medicine. Encourage the habit by identifying and rewarding folks who lift morale and spread positivity by spreading good humor and cheer in the workplace all year round. Award them with fun badges and humor-laced certificates…

Here are some fun Award categories.

For Sending Mails In All Caps
For Best At Keeping Secrets
For Most Likely To Extend Meetings
For The Biggest Risk Taker
For Always Being Cheerful
For Being The First To know About The Latest Gadgets
For Spending Better Part Of Thier Day In The GYM
For The First To Know About What’s New In The World
The One Who Can’t Help But Correct Others on The Rules Of English Grammar.
For Most Well Organized


Have fun and send some cool messages that make their day!

Gratitude Badges

Marvel Themed Appreciation

Appreciate the SuperHeroes of your company- The Marvel style

30 Day 'Better ME' Challenge Chart

A 30-Day Better Me Challenge activity on Empuls keeps the employees spirit high - Acing a challenge each day, nominating a colleague to do so and posting relevant pictures of the same, will add more fun to the challenge - A small reward/spotlight each day will be an added interest to employees


🔐 Lockdown Hero Awards🔐

Lockdown/Pandemic came as a surprise, connecting with the teams, video calls, virtual meetings on a daily basis seemed a challenge and NOW, its pure routine! Learning and unlearning, redefining the norms each day WE ARE ALWAYS UP FOR THE NEXT!

Get on an interesting game with your folks, post few fun award titles throughout the day... Encourage your folks to nominate a colleague who they think best fits the title...A pure fun activity to keep employees in high spirit and be engaged throughout

✨ Night Owl Award ✨

Routinely appearing as “active” during the oddest hours of the night

✨ Megaphone Award ✨

Most likely to forget they are NOT muted on a group call

✨ Muted Award ✨

The one who is most likely to talk while muted on a video call.

✨ Hangry Award ✨

Always eating or talking about food during calls

✨ Cool under Pressure Award ✨

Most likely to stay level-headed no matter what’s happening

✨ Can you see my screen Award ✨

The one who keeps making sure if his/her screen is visible to all on a call

✨ Email Ninja Award ✨

The quickest one to reply to any email at lightning speed.

✨ 911 Award ✨

' The default go to person for any emergencies'

My Work Buddy - Color Badges

Colors are fun- They lift our spirits and keeps us happy. Use Color Badges to tag your favorite work buddy

Tag your favorite coffee partner at work
Tag the one who defines 'peace'
Tag the Angry Bird at work
Tag the one who comes to your mind when you have to gossip a thing or two!
Tag your travel pal at work
Tag that pefect foodie partner whose company who enjoy while exploring food

30 Day 'Better Me' Challenge' Chart

A 30-Day Better Me Challenge activity on Empuls encourages employees to take one challenge per day and also to nominate their colleagues to take up the challenge. Encourage them to post pictures of their tasks &, reward them points for acing each day activity.

Fitness Challenge/Goals Aced Task

Challenge your teams to ace the fitness tasks and let them win points for each of the tasks they complete.

Task 1 - Post a video link of completing 1 min plank challenge on empuls (youtube link can be posted)

Health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon a day.

Task 2- Drink 8 glasses of water and post a selfie of yours with your water mug/bottle

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Task 3 - Post a pic of your healthy meal today & challenge another colleague to post their healthy meal

Thoughts come clearly when one walks

Task 4 - Post a pic of the max steps you take today. (Brownie points for the one with the maximum steps)

Peace begins with a Smile

Task 5 - Post a great pic of yours where you are smiling your heart out.

You've been ticketed by the Desk Police :-) |Clean Desk = Clear Mind|

Task 6- Tidy up your messy desk/room/desktop or mails and post a pic of the clean set-up

Yoga heals the soul

Task 7 - Yogi or not, take 30 mins of your time and spend time for your mind & soul. Post a pic of your favorite yoga pose - Vrikasana to Shavaasana, what's your favorite?

Video calls with our colleagues give us the flexibility to connect whether they’re sitting across the table or tuning in from a hotel room across the world. It's always cool to see and talk to the people we work with every day.

Task 8 - Post a happy screenshot of a video call shot with a colleague or your team. (Brownie points for the most fun pic)

Celebrating Mothers

Mother’s Day underlines the unmatched function mothers play in our lives - and by extension, in shaping the larger ecosystem of society, workplaces and communities. So let’s celebrate Motherhood in all its awesome avatars today - be it working mothers, mothers of your peers, famous mothers of leaders and legends, and of course, your own “Mom Dearest”!

Mothers Day Scavenger Hunt

This Digital Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt is one of the most fun virtual Mother’s Day activities your employees will love. Empuls the prompts one by one. Players rush o to retrieve the object. The first participants to post and show o the item/pic on empuls wins points. You could also award honorary points to the most interesting submission.

Here are some starter prompts to use for your game.

For the Mothers in your organization

Mothers Day Icebreakers

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Mother’s Day online is to kick off virtual meetings with holiday icebreaker questions or post on empuls the below questions as separate posts and let employees give their answers on the comments for each post

Here are some sample Mother’s Day Icebreakers:

Celebrating Father's Day | 18-June

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize and thank every dad for being a superhero who rocks each day - be it at the workplace or the home front

The most important thing this Father’s Day is to remind every father how special they are. Whether ones celebrating their father, spouse, step-father, brother, or a role model. Let your employees tag their fathers, themselves or anyone they know for each title and share their pics for the respective badges.

Super Dad Badges

Encourage your employees to tag their fathers names for the cool badges you post on empuls on the occasion of Father’s Day. Encourge them to tag their father's names for the badges they can relate to the most and post a pic of their father or themselves(if they fall in that category) under the respective badges. Let them make sure they show their dad, he is a celebrity at your office today.

  1. Tag the dear dad who clung to his Nokia 3100 when everyone else had switched to smartphones.

The Gadget-Obsessed Dad

2. Tag your father's name if they are always in the “happening” on family whatsapp groups.

The Forward Message King

3. Tag your dear dad if he is known to experiment and dish out amazing food for the family.

The Masterchef Dad

4. Tag your dear father's name if he is known to instantly start a conversation with youths on the latest trends, be it cars, gadgets, celebrities or viral topics.

The Trendy Dad

5. Tag the dad who ferries you everywhere and makes sure you are right on the doorstep of your friends’ house or at your destination however old you are.

The Overprotective Dad

6. Tag your daddy dearest if he does not talk much, but his mere presence was enough to set you quaking in your knees as a child.

The Intimidating Dad

7. Tag your dad's name here if, “Back in my time” is your Nostalgic Dad’s favourite opening line.

The Nostalgic Dad

8. Tag your dear dad's name and pic here if he is the Daddy Fix-It who knows to fix anything with a wrench or a hammer. He could put together a new toy, assemble a new race car bed or install a Swedish sauna in the basement in no time.

The Handyman Dad

Celebrating Women at Work

Kudos to the superwomen at work - Here are Superwomen Badges, Tag the colleague who you think will best fit the title.

  1. Tag the Superwoman who's always ready to help when the going gets tough.

Black Widow

2. Tag the Superwoman who makes us believe 'hustling' is just her thing.

Wonder Woman

3. Tag the Superwoman who has the 'seventh sense' to sense any danger & crushes it with full power.

Captain Marvel

4. Tag the Superwoman who, 'thinks on her feet' & uses her wits to find solutions.


5. Tag the Superwoman whose young mind is up for any challenge and comes out on top of it.

Kamala Khan

6. Tag the superwoman who magically binds the team together.


Celebrate National Superhero Day on April 28

Let National Superhero Day be one of our reasons to celebrate the workplace heroes who play a huge role in our everyday lives. Encourage your employees to be a part of a culture that appreciates and honour each other's contributions. Hi-fi, shoutout, awards, special mentions - Get your teams to do all that they want to keep each other’s morale high!

  1. The Lightening Hero- Tag the one who spots ways to improve processes & accomplish tasks swiftly at lightning speed

2. The X-ray Master- Tag the who has a good eye for detail and the ability to step back, analyze a situation, and act on it with full power

3. The Influential Maestro- Tag the one who has the power to influence and is super skilled at persuading any given role at its best

4. Hulkivator- Tag the one who has limitless power to get things done. Sometimes, they can be impatient or may go through walls, nevertheless, they make things happen!

5. One- Pulse Man- Tag the one who has the superpower to sense and feel the pulse of people and instances. Emotional Intelligence - happens to be their second name!

6. DataMan- Tag the one who has an unhuman power when one needs to figure out difficult problems and go through mountains of data, they are the ones to come for Magic rescue

7. Captain Positivity- Tag the one who has the superficial power to stay positive in the hardest conditions imaginable. They use their Positivity Shield to fight off any negative vibe that comes by!

8. Dr. Futuristic- Tag the one who has the rare ability to see the detailed future. They are the “Steve Jobs” of the company – the visionaries. They predict trends and keep coming up with new solutions.

9. Professor E- Tag the one who possesses an unnatural power of empathy. They have the power to intuitively hear the unvoiced questions & give comfort to those in need.

10. Wooperman- Tag the one who wins Others Over A.K.A. “Man of Friends”. They make friends in a jiffy & can wave out a Hi to anyone & everyone in the office


A Scavenger Hunt has always been a great way to get employees moving and in action. Use the below clue cards to run a scavenger hunt on empuls. Split participants into teams and empuls your lists of clues

Office Bloopers Awards

  1. For the employee who is inseparable from their cups of coffee!

2. For the employee who doesn't even have time for this award!

3. For the employee who believes everything is unforgettable!

4. For the most talkative one in the office!

5. For the employee who burns the midnight oil like there is no tomorrow!

6. No matter when you email this coworker, whether they’re in a meeting or dead asleep, somehow, they manage to respond in 0.2 seconds.

7. For the employee who lives and breathes social media!

8. When you need a pep talk, this coworker is there to get you back in the game. Get them a whistle!

Dedicate a day for your Dear Night Shift Employees

Recognizes the sacrifices of your nocturnal smarties, who often end up missing special occasions and even everyday events, because they sleep while the rest of the world functions on a 9-5 schedule.

To keep the spirit high and splash some humor around, here are some Night Shift Themes Memes you can share with your team to pull a good laugh!

National Compliment Day

Valentine's Day Special

New Year Resolution

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