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February 2023

Product updates

Multiple language support for Android app users

Updated on 9th March 2023.
Users on Android devices can now choose to view the app in their preferred language, providing a more inclusive experience for teams across the globe.

Evaluate the effectiveness of R&R programs with survey

Updated on 9th March 2023.
Gain insights into the effectiveness of your R&R program on Empuls with a pre-built survey template to collect feedback, and make data-driven decisions to improve the program's impact. Watch video

Customise EM Bot name and image

Updated on 9th March 2023.
You can now customise the name and image of the EM bot to align with your organisational branding, providing a more personalised experience for your team. Build a stronger brand identity and foster a more connected workforce. Watch video

Initiate rewarding from chat or home tab on MS Teams App

Updated on 9th March 2023.
Appreciating your colleagues directly from the MS Teams App just got simpler. You can quickly and easily recognise your team members through chat or home tab for their hard work, boosting morale and fostering a culture of appreciation.

Introducing ACH payment option for US Customers

Updated on 9th March 2023.
Users in the US can now recharge their wallets using ACH Direct Debit, a safe and widely accepted payment method that eliminates the 3% charge for credit/debit card transactions. Recharge your wallets hassle-free and enjoy a frictionless experience. Watch video

Effortlessly manage nominations with option to bulk decline

Updated on 9th March 2023.
With an enhanced nomination review screen, we have now added an option to decline nominations in bulk, making it easier for you to manage your nomination process. Quickly review and decline multiple nominations at once, streamlining the process and saving time. Watch video