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January 2023

Product updates

Enhance survey experience with Empuls' question bank

Updated on 13th February 2023.
Question bank for custom surveys provides you with a library of pre-created questions that you can access when creating a new survey from scratch or editing an existing survey template. Watch video.

Have more control over budget automation

Updated on 13th February 2023.
Empuls now allows you to pause and restart budget automation for flexibility and convenience. You can retract points in case of delays in award distribution and Super Admins can pause & restart automation without creating a new one. Watch video.

Introducing white labelling and branding for MS teams

Updated on 13th February 2023.
Easily brand the MS Teams homepage, redemption page, and appreciation dialog as per your company's branding. Additionally, we have also added an icon for the outside link in the redeem page enhancing the overall branding experience. Watch video.

Experience the new improved UI for Empuls mobile app - iOS

Updated on 13th February 2023.
We bring you a more intuitive and user-friendly experience with the new improved UI for Empuls Mobile App - iOS. The new design is more streamlined and makes it easier to navigate & access all the features you need on-the-go.

Disable gift card brands in Empuls store as per convenience

Updated on 13th February 2023.
Super Admins can now easily disable specific brands or all brand vouchers on the Empuls store from the admin settings page, ensuring that employees can only redeem points on the approved gift cards. Watch video.

Introducing customisable notification settings

Updated on 13th February 2023.
We're excited to announce a new feature in Empuls that will give you more control over the notifications you receive. With the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to various notification categories, you can tailor the notification experience to your preferences.