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March 2023

Product updates

COLF framework for effective global employee recognition

Updated on 10th April 2023.
COLF (Cost of Living Factor) based employee reward system gives admins the ability to ensure equal and fair regulation of rewards points against currency for all employees across the globe. This ensures that employees receive equitable recognition for their hard work and dedication. Learn more.

Customized templates & quick access to send gifts

Updated on 10th April 2023.
We are making it easier for you to send gifts by providing quick access to the feature on the homepage LHS menu. In addition to easy access, we've also created default templates for major occasions and festivals so that you can quickly and easily create a gift without spending time on customization. Watch video.

Add fun to appreciations with GIFs

Updated on 10th April 2023.
Users can now add GIFs to their appreciation posts, adding a touch of excitement to the feed. To ensure client control, there is an option to disable the GIPHY integration. Try out this new feature today and give your appreciation posts a lively boost! Watch video.

Channel-specific posting for awards & appreciations on Slack

Updated on 10th April 2023.
This feature allows super admins to limit the posting of award and appreciation posts to specific channels on Slack, ensuring that they are shared only with the intended audience.

Use the RHS widget to track your budget balance linked to awards

Updated on 10th April 2023.
The new RHS widget on Empuls enables users to keep track of their budget balance for awarding their colleagues. This widget is only visible to those users who have a budget balance greater than zero.