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Launch Mailer Content:

Template 1

Hello Team,

We are proud of every contribution that you put in to mark our journey each day!

To recognize your positive contribution, craft in a culture of appreciation and build a seamless & transparent relationship to give you an amazing employee experience at [COMPANY], we are excited to introduce Empuls-β€˜________’ (Program Name)

Empuls will help us connect, collaborate, celebrate milestones, appreciate your fellow peers for their valued efforts all under one unified hub. Now, when you see someone exhibiting our values- being bold, authentic, passionate, making a difference, or simply delivering great results, you can recognize them right away.

It’s instant, on the fly, unlimited and global. You can recognize an individual or an entire team. And it all works right from our intranet- Empuls

A platform for you to share stories, celebrate wins, fun contests, and say thanks on a daily basis.

Looking forward to building a happy workforce.

With warm regards, HR Team

Template 2

Hi team!

We think you’re amazing and we want to recognize you for the meaningful contributions you’re making to [COMPANY] every day. That's why we've decided to launch Empuls!

With Empuls, everyone can stay connected, collaborate, share ideas, celebrate milestones, success, and publicly recognize, congratulate, give kudos, and appreciate on the fly.

On [LAUNCH DATE], you will receive an email inviting you to join Empuls.

Connect, collaborate, share ideas, appreciate, and celebrate success in real-time. We think you’ll love staying socially connected under one hub and giving recognition that is candid, social, and expressive!

We’re looking forward to building a culture of recognition together.

With warm regards, HR Team


Make your welcome post an exciting one!

Let your CEO, CHRO, or the people manager send the first-ever post on the platform welcoming your employees to brew in a winning

This announcement is going to be very special as it will be the first time you are going to make an Org-specific welcome announcement on the platform. It will be a great idea if the Super admin (it can be an HR leader or anyone else from the leadership team depending on the size of your organization) makes this announcement on The Townhall Group to make the beginning impactful.

While you do, make sure you put '@Group' tag to make sure all employees will receive email communication.

Spotlight the First Log-ins

Make your launch an exciting one for your employees by throwing few small challenges such as:

  • The first few users (It could be the first 20, 50, 100) will get some reward points.

  • You can highlight the first 5-10 employees who signed up as the 'The Famous Five' or the 'The Famous 10'

  • The first team to enable the accounts of all their members entirely will be the spotlight team (you can highlight this by giving an award like 'The Lightening Team' on Day 1 of launch)

Here are some award icons you can use to create Awards for highlighting the first few employees who logged into the platform

Fantastic Five
Famous Five
The Terrific 10
Top Ten

Create your team of 'Culture Champions' or 'Culture Guardian'

You can assign a few active employees from each department or create a team and call them 'Culture Champions' who can help you to make sure employees in their respective teams have enabled the accounts. This team can help you drive all your future initiatives as well. Form a team of culture heroes, create a group on empuls and add them into the group, encourage them to share ideas, and execute various activites on the platform

Launch Posters

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3. Introducing Empuls | Source File​

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8. What can you do on Empuls?

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14. Want to be heard? Feel valued? | Source File​

15. Catalog Options

16. Catalog options

17. Building a Happy Culture | Source File​

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