HR Surveys for Admins

Gather instant feedback from your employees by running templatized employee lifecycle surveys
HR surveys help you gather instant feedback from your employees on organization-level initiatives and gain actionable insights to make their experience better.
Empuls offers you templatized Employee Lifecycle feedback questionnaires so that the time and effort involved in running a survey in next to none. Organizations that have an efficient feedback process are more likely to achieve key business results, as a continuous feedback culture is one of the biggest contributors to employee motivation and happiness.
What's more? Empuls also allows you to build your own survey, from scratch. Be it asking for feedback about an event, new company policies and general check-ins with your employees, feel free to draft your own questionnaires and administer them to the required set of people through Empuls.

List of Survey Templates available in Empuls

Feedback From Manager Survey
Feedback From Direct Reports
Feedback From Peers Survey
New Hire Feedback Survey
Onboarding Feedback Survey
Training Feedback Survey
Performance Review Feedback Survey
Manager Effectiveness Survey
HR Effectiveness Survey
Diversity and Inclusion Feedback Survey
Exit Interview Survey
Covid-19 Preparedness Survey
Work from Home Check-In Survey
Return to Work Survey
Employee Net Promoter Score Survey
Employee Pulse Survey

Here is a quick snapshot of the feedback module on Empuls

Gather Feedback Module

How to Build Your Own Survey?

1. Navigate to Survey-->Browse Templates and click on the Create your own Survey template at the top right corner of the window.
2. On Create Your Own Survey Template ,click on Create now as shown below.
Create Your Own Survey
3. Add a name and description to your survey, for the invitees to know why you are running the survey.
4. Start adding questions to the survey. Empuls supports the following question types:
  • Alphanumeric Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice with Images
  • Likert Scale
  • Star Rating
  • Open Text Feedback
Please note: At least one question should be marked as 'Required' to be answered by the survey respondents.
4. Once you are done adding the questions, choose the Privacy Setting of the survey. Surveys can be anonymous or can collect user identity information, depending on your discretion.
5. Finally, invite the survey respondents by adding their name or email address directly in the invites box. Empuls also allows you to send the survey to the entire organization or specific departments, business units, grades, or locations based on the uploaded user data.
If at any point you close the survey, then it is saved as Draft. Until you publish the survey, it will stay in the Draft state.
Survey owners can share the link to their surveys with the respondents and/or other admins. This helps the admins manage the administration of employee life cycle surveys and minimizes the duplication of standard, org-wide surveys.
Survey owners can find the survey link under Get Survey Link on the Invite Survey Respondents page.
Invite Survey

Edit a Survey

The My Survey tab shows the survey in-use . Start editing a survey by clicking on the
Edit Survey
  1. 1.
    Edit the survey name and its purpose in the introduction step.
  2. 2.
    Edit/delete a specific question by hovering on the question and clicking on the respective icon on the right-hand side.
  3. 3.
    Add a new question at the end of the survey template.
If the survey is Active, you can edit only the name and description of the survey.

Delete a Survey

Delete a survey by clicking on
on the survey on the My Survey tab. Deleting a survey will erase all responses collected. Alternatively, you can set the survey as “Inactive” to hide it from the participants.

Duplicate a Survey

Duplicate a survey by clicking on
on the survey on the My Survey tab . This option helps you create a duplicate Survey with the same configuration and questions.

Other Options in Survey

Click on a particular survey on the Gather Feedback page to explore other options in them.
Send Reminders - Send an email reminder to those who haven’t yet responded to the survey. Click on Send Reminders in the survey you want to send reminders from.
Send Invites - Send an e-invite to users who were initially not supposed to take the survey by clicking on Send Invites button.
Collecting Responses -Toggling this option will make the survey Inactive . Changing the status of surveys will not send email reminders to users.
Managing surveys on Empuls