Redeem Points
How to redeem earned reward points on Empuls
Redeem option helps you to use your points to purchase products from the outside world. This section includes vouchers of brands from 100+ countries across the world.
How to redeem my points?
  1. 1.
    Click on your profile pic at the top right corner of your Empuls account. You can find your earned points balance here.
Redeem Points
2. Click on Redeem Points. It will take you to the Redemptions catalog page.
Redemptions Catalog
3. Browse through the various categories of e-gift cards or search for the voucher directly from the Search Bar (Example: Amazon).
Search vouchers
4. Once you land on the e-gift card page, say Amazon Pay, select the required denomination and click on Redeem.
E-Gift Card Redemption
5. Once the transaction is processed, the order confirmation is shared with the user by default. The e-gift card voucher code is sent to the registered email address.
Order Confirmation

Here is a short video demonstrating redemption on Empuls

How to redeem points on Empuls?
Users can buy E-gift cards on Empuls using only points. Purchases through credit/debit cards are currently not supported.
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