Access Controls

Manage user access to various account functionality based on organisational needs.

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Empuls has four user access levels, namely Super Admins, General Admins, Managers, and Users.

Super Admin: Super Admins are the default admins of Empuls. They are also the Group Admins of Town Hall. Super Admins can view the access permissions available to various user access levels using Access Control settings.

Access to sections like Manage Org. Budget, Access Controls, and Branding & Customisation are restricted to Super Admins.

Access for General Admins, Managers, and Users can be configured by the Super Admins from Settings > User Access Settings > Access Controls.

Best Practices for Super Admins

When it comes to access control, Super Admins play a crucial role in defining actions that General Admins, Managers, and Users can take on Empuls.

Here are some best practices for Super Admins to consider:

1. Define clear roles and responsibilities for each user type in Empuls and ensure they align with the organisation's security policies.

2. Limit access to sensitive data and features to only those who need it.

3. Regularly review and update user access permissions to ensure they are still appropriate. Revoke access for users who no longer require it.

4. Train General Admins and Managers on how to manage user access and permissions effectively. Educate your team on the importance of maintaining strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and reporting security incidents immediately.

5. Encourage all users to report any concerns about access control or data security to the appropriate person or team.

Implementing these best practices ensures that your organisation's data remains secure and protected on Empuls.

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