Manage Your Budgets

Manage budgets allocated to you by your org, for awarding and recognising your colleagues.

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Budgets are blocks of monetary points allocated to employees (users), enabling them to award colleagues on Empuls. A user must have sufficient budget points to award or approve a nomination. The Empuls Super Admins create budget points and allocate them to various users in the organisation. Once users receive budget points, they can share them with other users or use them to give awards.

Personal Budget

All Empuls users have access to their Personal Budget. These points can be used across any award category, and the user can choose how to use them.

Once points are allocated to a user's budget, they become the owner of those points. Budget owners can then award their peers using these points or transfer them to others based on need and availability. Empuls ensures democratic utilisation of budget points.

Custom Budgets

Custom Budgets are created for specific awards and used to give out awards to which they are linked. Empuls admins can create custom budgets, link specific awards to them, and then allocate the newly created budget to different individuals in the organisation. All budgets except General Purpose Budgets are categorised as 'Custom Budgets'.

Budget owners can then use points in the custom budget to give out awards linked to it by the admin. Once points in the custom budget are exhausted, users can no longer give out awards linked to that custom budget. This is how Empuls admins can control organisational spending on various award categories.

How do I view my budgets?

Navigate to Recognition > Rewards & Recognize > My Budgets.

This page displays all your owned budgets and their remaining points balance. From here, you can share points, request more from the admin, or create new budgets for your team.

View budget

View budget

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