Install the Empuls app in your Slack account to create a unified ecosystem for R&R

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Holistically engage your workforce in the flow of work with the Empuls app on Slack to improve participation.

Why this integration?

Organizations end up investing in several tools to drive multiple people engagement initiatives, thereby increasing the complexity of their HR tech ecosystem. With the native integration of Empuls, you can take the Slack collaboration experience a step further and drive multi-dimensional employee engagement from a single platform. Empuls helps you build a people-first culture through timely and frequent recognition, rewards, and feedback from within Slack.

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With this integration, you can:

  1. Create opportunities for feedback

    Measure employee sentiment and generate feedback using engagement and lifecycle surveys based on data-backed recommendations.

  2. Recognize and celebrate achievements

    Empower employees to appreciate each other’s contributions and celebrate small and big wins together.

  3. Reward good performance

    Applaud and motivate employees when they meet and exceed company goals by delighting them with extensive reward choices from a global catalog and reward points that never expire.

How to set up this integration?

The Super Admin can set up the Slack and Empuls integration in less than a minute. (It took us just 15 seconds!)

Step 1: Log in to your Empuls account.

Step 2: Click on Admin from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Navigate to the OTHER SETTINGS section and click Integrations.

Step 4: Select the Slack app.

Step 5: Click the START SETUP button to start the integration process.

Step 6: Click on PROCEED in the pop-up box so you are redirected to Slack for completing the setup.

Step 7: Allow the required permissions in your Slack account.

Step 8: The Empuls bot is now ready to use on your Slack account.

How To Remove This Integration?

Step 1: You can disable this integration by following steps 1 to 4 listed above and then clicking the DISABLE ON SLACK button.

Step 2: It will ask whether you really want to remove the integration. Click on PROCEED in the pop-up box.

Step 3: You will be redirected to Slack to remove the integration. Click on Open In Slack.

Step 4: Simply click on the cross beside the Empuls app. It will disappear from your Slack App tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all awards and appreciation sent on Empuls be visible on Slack?

The simple answer is no. Only the awards and appreciations initiated from Slack after the integration will be posted on the respective Slack channels. Awards initiated on Empuls will be published only on the Empuls web or mobile apps and not on Slack.

Will employees receive birthday and work anniversary wishes on Slack?

If the automation for events like birthdays and work anniversaries is set up on Empuls, then employees will receive greetings and wishes in their Slack account as a direct message. These messages won't be published on any channel.

Are employees required to remember the commands to use the Empuls app on Slack?

Employees are not required to remember the commands. The Empuls bot on Slack provides an interactive experience for users to ensure they don't have to remember the commands. Employees can simply message a Hi to the Empuls bot or initiate a conversation with the bot using the Empuls command as shown below: /empuls

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