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Product Updates - March 2024
Product Updates - March 2024

Find out what is new in Empuls, to improve your employee experience

Updated this week

Enhanced appreciation posts feed

Enhance appreciation posts by incorporating dynamic images, GIFs, or videos against fixed backgrounds. This feature creates a dynamic feed experience on the social intranet, offering a distinctive media flow on published appreciation posts.

Bulk nomination for all awards

Enable bulk nominations of individuals and teams, excluding reward collection awards.

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Auto approval of nominations

Streamline the reward process by automatically approving nominations when they reach the highest nominator level.

Manage points of exited employees

Choose the right option to recover unused budgets and reward points of exited employees. If the employee has an unused budget, it can be transferred to a co-owner or supervisor. The exited employees' reward points can be destroyed or retained in an unredeemed state.

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Seamless appreciation flow in mobile view

Experience a seamless appreciation flow on mobile devices, ensuring consistent user engagement.

Customize homepage banners

Personalize your Empuls homepage with banners aligned with your brand guidelines. Reinforce your organization's identity for every user.

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Customize feed card background

You can now customise the feed card backgrounds of birthday, anniversary, new joiner posts, banners on wish boards, profile screen banner and background of wall of fame.

View service anniversaries at a glance

Never miss celebrating a service anniversary again! Our updated feed consolidates all milestones into one post, allowing users to congratulate peers directly from the wishboard.

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Automated new hire notifications

Automatically announce new hires on Empuls and MS Teams. Updates to employee profiles are also reflected in these posts, making it easy for colleagues to welcome new team members.

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Integration with UKG

Manage user accounts seamlessly through a standard API integration. Admins can securely import employee information and manage access roles.

Download employee data as CSV

Allow admins to download employee data in CSV format. This facilitates thorough validation before integrating with HRMS, ensuring accuracy and eliminating discrepancies.

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Upcoming features:

Plan Reward Cycle in advance

Admins can now plan reward issuance in advance with automated processes for nominations, notifications, and messages. You have the flexibility to enable or disable rewards as needed.

Delegate access to user account

Admins can temporarily transfer their account access to another user during emergencies. Delegates logging in on behalf of the admin must provide a reason, prompting an immediate email alert to the admin.

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