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Cancellations & Refund Policy
Cancellations & Refund Policy

Overview of Empuls' cancellation and refund policy.

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1. Subscription Fees

Empuls subscription fees, i.e., SaaS fees is based on a subscription model. The customer or the user pays the SaaS fee only when they use the platform and are not charged when their subscription is inactive.

Empuls holds the right to retain the amount paid by the customer if the customer wishes to cancel the subscription during the subscription period.

2. Funds Added to Org Redemption Wallet

The customer can request a refund of the funds added to the organization’s redemption wallet on Empuls if they wish to discontinue using the Empuls product permanently.

The amount will be refunded post deduction of any outstanding payables for the customer.

The amount will be refunded to the customer’s original source of payment, and a credit note will be issued to the customer.

3. Purchases by Employees

Product orders by employees are canceled, and a full refund is issued in the following cases;

The brand issued to the user differs from the brand ordered by the customer, and/or, The Brand does not oblige to the terms and conditions.

For orders in Pending Status, If the product is yet to be delivered to the customer and if the same order is canceled due to the non-availability of a product or request from the end user, the points will be refunded within 3 hours.

If any additional payment is collected, it will be refunded to the payment source.

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